"Quest for Glory V" Soundtrack The Music

picture Chance Thomas
"Music is mysterious, elusive, familiar, capricious... It's like a language we knew before our birth, its intimacy both surprising and obvious, in turn. Writing music seems to be a tussled balance of discovery and ingenuity, of sheer will and catalyzed coincidence. The composer forages, struggles, demands, coaxes, curses, and finally relents. And often in the quiet humility of surrender, the muse comes out of her hiding place, satisfied that our best efforts have sufficiently softened the soul. She speaks to us from the inside out, triggering emotions so subtle and profound, as her voice finds an inevitable path to the surface."
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picture "Such has been my experience with the music in Quest For Glory V. Creating the score for this interactive world has been a wonderfully exhausting undertaking. Time and again I found myself at the studio in the wee hours of the morning, pouring myself into an arrangement, wrestling with a mix, or simply staring at the keyboard waiting for the right idea to come. It has proven to be an epic adventure in my career as a composer.
A glorious quest, indeed."
---Chance Thomas---

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