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"Quest for Glory V"

The Quest For Glory V Soundtrack CD offers an epic music score from the interactive computer game, Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire. It's the latest installment in Sierra's popular "Quest For Glory" series, and by far the most ambitious.

Award-winning composer Chance Thomas joined the Quest for Glory V development team in 1996 with the goal of creating a musical opus unmatched in the entertainment software industry. The resulting soundtrack arguably reaches that goal, and features a symphonic orchestra, richly layered vocals, classical guitar, gothic harp, and several exotic instruments.

"We are striving to redefine the standard for music that accompanies computer games," Thomas said. "We're talking about a film-quality score performed by a live orchestra and world-class musicians. It's a far cry from the beeps and blips of PacMan!"

The Quest for Glory V Soundtrack is an enhanced CD which features:

- 18 original musical cuts from Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

- A playable Windows 95/Macintosh demo of the interactive game

- An innovative art and music kiosk

- A 12-page, full-color insert booklet of game art, photographs, and detailed liner notes from game designer Lori Cole and composer Chance Thomas.

- A $5.00 rebate toward the purchase of the game, Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

The Quest for Glory series boasts a loyal following of game players who have followed the series since its inception in 1989. QFG's developers were assisted by some of these fans who insisted on a sneak peek at the music CD. Thomas actually incorporated some of their suggestions into the final version of the soundtrack, in keeping with Sierra's philosophy that true interactivity begins by interacting with the customer.

As an example, consider the Quest For Glory V Overture. "The audience had an idea of how the overture should sound. There's a continuity that we simply had to preserve from the first chapter to the fifth." Thomas said. "We asked some of our users to sample the early tracks and requested their feedback. We were able to incorporate a lot of that input to enhance the musical experience from the gamer's point of view."

In this interactive adventure, you will face the challenges of the seven Rites - Freedom, Conquest, Valor, Destiny, Courage, Peace, and Justice. All around you, a deadly web of deceit and murder tightens. It will take all your wit and skills to survive. Who is behind the series of assassinations? Who is trying to make the dark Prophecy come true? Who can you trust and who is playing their own power game in this Quest For Glory? You will need to know these answers, if you are to survive Dragon Fire.

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