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About the Soundtrack
"Outer Limits"

The Outer Limits TV Show:
  • Top 20 Syndicated Show
  • Emmy Award for Best Actress
  • 6 Cable Ace Awards
  • 5 Cable Ace Nominations
  • 1 Saturn Award for Best Television Series
  • Renewed for two additional years
Episodes featured on the soundtrack album:
  • Trial By Fire Robert Foxworth
  • The Quality Of Mercy Robert Patrick and Nicole Deboer
  • Valerie 23 Sofia Shinas and William Sadler
  • New Breed Peter Outerbridge and Richard Thomas
  • Sandkings Lloyd, Beau and Dylan Bridges
  • The Conversion Frank Whaley and Rebecca DeMorney
  • A Stitch In Time Amanda Plummer
  • I Hear You Calling Michael Sarazin and Ally Sheedy
  • The Message Marly Matlin and Larry Drake
  • New Breed Peter Outerbridge

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