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"Lost World / Jurassic Park Game"

During the early stages of the game's production, Steven Spielberg was pivotal in the decision to go forward with the world's first ever all original orchestral soundtrack recorded for a video game. Traditionally, videogamers have been relegated to techno, rock, or all synth scores. The team at DreamWorks, however, felt that in order for the game version of The Lost World to achieve the tone set by the blockbuster film, not only would they have to recreate the stunning dinosaur visuals found in the movie, but they would also need the big screen sound of a fully orchestral soundtrack to enhance the gamer's overall experience. With the full support of Steven Speilberg, the game's crew was given the word to move forward with an all original orchestral score.

The game is currently the #1 worldwide hit with over half a million in sales and growing, which in the video game world constitutes a smash hit.

In practically all of the game's reviews, the game's soundtrack was quoted as being one if the best ever written:

The game's composer, Michael Giacchino, began his composition studies at the renowned Julliard School at Lincoln Center while working day jobs in both Universal and Disney's New York publicity offices. Two years later, Disney transferred him to their Studio in Burbank and upon arrival in LA, he entered the UCLA film scoring program. It was here in Los Angeles that he began scoring independent films such as The Promise Land, which starred Lela Rochon and Buffalo Soldiers, which was directed by a former production assistant employed at Spielberg's Amblin Studios.

While scoring Buffalo Soldiers, Michael was also overseeing music production for Disney interactive games such as The Lion King and Mickey Mania. He began scoring some of their other projects, including Cold Shadow (a Donald Duck vehicle which took place in 1940's South Pacific) and Gargoyles, whose characters were based on the successful Disney television series. His experience and contacts at Disney led to his quick association with the DreamWorks startup. In addition to his work on the DreamWorks Playstation title, Michael has also scored a second Lost World game titled Chaos Island. More recently, Michael has scored No Salida, the directorial debut from former Sony Pictures Imageworks Executive Producer Bill Birrell. Currently, Michael is moving onto four new DreamWorks projects.

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