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"Little Boy Blue"

Nineteen-year-old Jimmy West (RYAN PHILLIPE) seems like any other guy his age - he's thinking about his future, preoccupied with his girlfriend, Traci (JENNY LEWIS), and dreaming of pursuing a career in baseball as one of the hottest young pitchers around. But appearances give way to deeper concerns in Jimmy's life as he cannot escape his painful past nor a place called Starlight, Texas. Starlight is the only world Jimmy has ever known - a world that has always been dominated by Ray West (JOHN SAVAGE), his viciously intense and often brutal father. Ray is a would-be big fish in a little pond, a man with a tour of duty in Vietnam under his belt, and a long history of violent unpredictability. Per- haps there was a time, long ago, when Ray was capable of love, but the war changed all that. Jimmy has only Kate (NASTASSJA KINSKI), his mother, to seek comfort from as she, too, endures Ray's terror. Completing the West family are Jimmy's two younger brothers, Mark (DEVON MICHAEL) and Mikey (ADAM BURKE), who, despite their youth, have already become wise on how to get by in their tough environment. Jimmy's protective love for his two younger brothers and Kate, as well as an irrepressible sense of duty, have kept him tied to the West family home, a lonely trailer on a bleak stretch of land. His wealthy girlfriend, Traci, offers him a chance to escape, but Jimmy's sense of loyalty forces him to stay behind and protect his younger brothers from becoming the next victims of the abusive games orchestrated by his disturbed father.
Jimmy is trapped at the center of a complex and perverse triangle with his mother and father: just another secret among many skeletons in the Wests' family closet. But fate has a way of surfacing just when it's least expected, and in this case, it takes the form of a lonely woman on a very personal mission, Doris Knight (SHIRLEY KNIGHT). Embittered by years of searching, her quest to bring Ray to justice for a crime committed long ago will shatter the Wests' world forever, and, with the help of Jimmy's high school friend turned local cop, Nate Carr (TYRIN TURNER), Jimmy may finally get his shot at a normal life and happiness.

About the composer

Over the years, the founder and drummer of the incomparable band, The Police, has composed pieces for film, television, opera, ballet and symphonic performance. Collaborating with an eclectic group of over 25 directors, Copeland's scores include Francis Ford Coppola's Rumblefish and Oliver Stone's Wall Street.

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