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Conan takes place 12,000 years ago between the time when oceans swallowed Atlantis and man first recorded history. It was an age undreamed of when mythical kingdoms were spread across the uncharted world, in an age of superstition and myth when wizards cast evil spells and fantastic, mystical creatures stalked the earth . . . The hyborian age. Conan is the ultimate hero, a former slave turned warrior general, chosen by the gods to fight evil, rescue the weak and the oppressed, and bring freedom back to his beloved cimmeria.

THE PRODUCERS Music is an integral part of any production and impacts the storyline as much as the actors and directors. twenty- five percent of a film or television show can be attributed to its music. The other seventy- five percent is distributed equally between the storyline, directing, and acting. The heroic mood created by Charles Fox�s musical score is both powerful and inspiring! It very success- fully compliments the Conan Theme and completes the quarters to form a whole. Ralf moeller

CHARLES FOX has composed the music for more than 50 motion pictures, including Nine to five, The Gods Must Be Crazy II, Barbarella, National Lampoon�s European Vacation and Foul Play, for which he received one of his two academy award nominations for best song, the other for the film, the other side of the mountain. Among his popular songs are ready to take a chance again, I got a name and Killing Me Softly, which was awarded the grammy for Best Song. His tv series and theme songs include The Love Boat, Happy Days, Laverne And Shirley, The Paper Chase. Love, American Style, his first TV series brought him emmy awards for best score and best theme song.

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