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The Celestine Prophecy
A Musical Voyage

The official music CD for the bestselling book "The Celestine Prophecy", contains a booklet with exclusive essays by the author James Redfield including an introduction to The Tenth Insight.

[Franke and Redfield] J. Redfield and C. Franke Christopher Franke's adaptation of James Redfield's best-selling book The Celestine Prophecy is layered with worldbeat flourishes, drawing from all manners of Eastern and ancient musics. Franke layers rhythms and sonic textures, from African percussion to sampled pianos and high falsetto vocals. By and large, the soundscapes are evocative, even if they aren't necessarily evocative of the book itself. Nevertheless, The Celstine Prophecy is yet another impressive work from one of the most gifted and adventerous new age composers of the '80s and '90s. -- Rodney Batdorf

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