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"Noua Romanie - Rebirth Of A Nation"

At the dawn of a new century, the people of Romania are still emerging from the cloud of oppression that shrouded them for decades. An island of Latin heritage in Slavic Eastern Europe, nowhere else is the newfound freedom of expression more evident than in the new music of New Romania � Noua Rom�nie.

Considered by many to be the father of electronic music in Romania, Adrian Enescu has been composing music for opera, ballet, stage and screen for more than thirty years and is responsible for educating a new generation of musicians in Romania and throughout Europe. The nephew of classical composer George Enescu, his students include Michael Cretu of Enigma, as well as several of the artists featured in this collection. Enescu's film scores include Romania's entry to the 1992 Academy Awards, "Hotel de Lux." He was also chosen by the government of Romania to compose an anthem for the country's entrance into the new century, "Millennium Angel."

Having studied music from the age of five, Stefan Elefteriu graduated from the Romanian Academy of Music and was a first violinist of the Romanian National Opera Company for fourteen years. Composed especially for this compilation, his music is that of a nation reborn, striding into the future yet still retaining the traditions of its past. The magneto recordings of the violin and solo vocalist were made in the 1950's by the artist's father who was documenting the traditional music of the Transylvanian people at the time.

Indra, the artistic pseudonym of Dan Bozaru, has released more than twenty albums in Romania over the last fifteen years. He is also a professional yoga instructor and has authored several books on meditation. Indra's recording on this album is taken from one of his numerous live performances. The vocal talents of soloist Michaela Dasicomis have been compared to those of Julee Cruise.

The music of brothers Florian and Cristian Nanu, better known as Digital Art, is inspired by the natural beauty of Romania, from the Moldovan valleys to the shores of the Black Sea. The Nanu's have composed the scores for numerous feature- length and short animated films, and are both actively involved in teaching music to young people in their country.

Romanian expatriate Catalin Onoiu, or Katalin as he is known musically, today lives in France. A former sound engineer and music editor for motion pictures, television and radio, Katalin's selection here is from his debut album.

Da-Ksha (literally "God's Country"), the creation of Alexandru Nuca and George Constantinescu, takes its name from Nicolae Miulescu's 1978 book about life in the rural villages of Romania. Pianist Constantinescu is a prolific composer for television commercials and guiarist/engineer Nuca has been an often requestedsession musician on pop and folk recordings for more than fifteen years. The piece included here is taken from a stage play inspired by the life of renowned sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

The melodies of singer/songwriter Gheorghe Iovu have been praised for their therapeutic abilities calming effect on audiences around the world. Iovu regularly performs in concert in Europe and America, and still devotes time to teaching basic music skills to pre-schoolers in his native Timisoara. During the perparation of this album, the composer lost his own daughter to cancer. He dedicates this piece to her and to all the children who did not survive to see the rebirth of Romania.

Sorin Pavelescu is the creative force behind Revival and began his musical career by writing and recording background music for various museum exhibits. Now a resident of Canada, his debut album "The Longest Dream" blurs the lines between classical and ambient music, and reached the NAV Top 20 Chart in the winter of 2000.

Born in Transylvania, composer Levente Toth has worked as a radio DJ and an electronic engineer, and recently obtained his PhD in artificial intelligence from the University of Plymouth in England. Levente�s selection here is inspired by his visit to the valleys of the Carpathian mountain range and the discovery of one of the hundreds of "systemized" abandoned villages, emptied during the dictatorial regime. The thunder that opens the track was recorded live on the shores of the Mures River.

Suie Paparude represents the cutting edge in electronica music in Romania today. The band has toured extensively throughout Europe and has opened for Moby, 2-Unlimited and The Propellerheads. Led by Mihai Dobre and Miky, their 2000 album release "Urban" combines vocal samples and ambient instrumentals into an upbeat, danceable techno-groove. Guest vocalist Loredana Groza is one of the premiere pop vocalists in Romania today.

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