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"Elevation 4"

HUSTON SINGLETARY currently works in the musical hotspot of Atlanta, GA, composing and producing a variety of projects, from pop to multimedia spots, including The Ritz Carlton, Goodwill Games and a selection of new solo artists including Canadian vocalist Isabelle Day. Huston's other credits include music for Union Bank of California and is a featured artist on Air Canada's in-flight music program. The two tracks are taken from his album "Folklore."

PAUL LAWLER is one of the UK's top TV composers, with credits such as the BBC series "Apeman" and "Ancient Apocalypse." Other credits include work for CH 4, EveryMan, Equinox, Ancient Voices etc. Paul has composed the two featured tracks exclusively for this compilation.

TADASHI NAMBA has won the Japanese Grammy Award for his work on Ryuichi Kawamura's "Love," and was the composer and musical producer for the Galaxy Award winning TV Drama "Grand Romance." In his recording studio, based in Los Angeles, he is working on his own compositions as well as producing other artists' recordings.

SAMI TAKIEDDIN has been professionally composing music for the last 5 years from his studio in Chicago. His music has been featured in the independent movie "Retribution," public service announcements, multimedia business proposals and animated features.

SOMA SONIC's producers/songwriters France and Dom have been working together for the past four years. The track is taken from their debut album "Future" on Sonic Images Records. Before forming Soma Sonic, Dom was involved in the Trance/Techno band ADSR (Cargo Records), and France was working as a fashion stylist/art director in music and advertising in NYC.

IKARUS, based in Austria, has released four CDs and appears on several compilations with Polymedia/Universal, Just Create Records and Earthtone. The track is taken from their debut album "Touch The Sun" on Earthtone Records.

CHRISTOPHER FRANKE, member of Tangerine Dream (1970-1988). His solo releases include: Pacific Coast Highway, London Concert, Klemania, Epic, New Music for Films - Vol.2.

GOVINDA is alter-ego of Austin, Texas born producer/composer Shane O Madden, who has released three albums on Earthtone Records. This track is taken from the 2001 release "Erotic Rhythms From Earth."

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