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"A melodic blend of spiritual vocals and hypnotic grooves"

The first serious collection of high-end Ambient, New Age and World-influenced tracks on a single album featuring...

B-Tribe - Mars Lasar Harold Budd - Emer Kenny - Miriam Stockley - David Arkenstone - Norin Ni Riain - Nicholas Gunn - Christopher Franke - Joanne Shenandoah - Govinda - Marcomé - Freud - Stonecoat - Annbjorg Lien

1 Free Fall
Performed by Mars Lasar, Written by Mars Lasar
Taken from the forthcoming Earthtone Records album 11:02
Published by Sound Stories Music/BMI

2 Heaven
Performed by Emer Kenny, Written by Emer Kenny and John Murphy
Taken from the album Emer Kenny
Published by Plugshaft Ltd./ Colgems-EMI Music Inc./ASCAP

3 Sure-as-not
Performed by Afro Celt Sound System, Written by Emmerson, Russell, Cissokho & Myrdhin
Taken from the album Vol. 1 Sound Magic
Published by Womad Music/ Real World Music/Blue Mountain

4 port na bpucai (Song Of The Pooka)
Performed by Norin Ni Riain, Arranged by Russ Landau
Taken from the album Celtic Soul
Published by Living Earth Music/BMI

5 Massai Rain
Performed by Miriam Stockley, Composers: Miriam Stockley, Julia Taylor Stanley, Ian Lynn
Taken from the forthcoming Earthtone Records album Miri
Published by Warner Chappell/BMI

6 Nomads
Performed by Govinda, Written by Shane O'Madden
Taken from the forthcoming Earthtone Records album O Earthly Gods
Published by Shane O'Madden/BMI

7 Librarsi
Performed by Marcomé, Written by Marcomé
Taken from the Earthtone Records album Seven Seas
Published by PRAO Publishing/BMI/ SOCAN/ SODRAC

8 Trail Of Tears
Performed by David Arkenstone, Written by David Arkenstone and Dan Chase
Taken from the album Return of the Guardians
Published by Nara Music, Inc./BMI

9 Forever
Perfomed by Nicholas Gunn, Written by Nicholas and Cheryl Gunn
Taken from the album Crossroads
Published by One Iron Publishing/ASCAP, Gunn Publishing/ASCAP

10 Circle Of Friendship
Performed by Joanne Shenandoah with Peter Kater
Taken from the album Life Blood
Published by PDK Music/ Joanne Shenandoah/ASCAP

11 To All My Relations
Performed by Stonecoat, Written by Dino Soldo
Taken from the Earthtone Records album Cherokee Myth
Published by BranDino Music/ BMI

12 Prisme
Performed by Annbjorg Lien, Written by Annbjorg Lien
Taken from the album Prisme
Published by Grappa Records

13 Silence Of The Eclipse
Performed by Christopher Franke, Written by Christopher Franke
Taken from the Earthtone Records album Enchanting Nature
Published by Treadstone Music, Publishing/BMI

14 World Of Wonders
Performed by Freud, Written by Ingo Hauss and Hayo Panarinfo
Taken from the forthcoming Earthtone Records album Time Passengers
Published by MATIZ/Warner Chappell

Performed by Harold Budd, Written by Harold Budd
Taken from the album Luxa
Published by Harold Budd

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