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"Earthtone - Collection One"

This compilation album represents the first year of Earthtone Records.
Many cultures and styles inspired this collection including Native American, Celtic, Andean, Flamenco, Chant, instrumental and vocal - a span of World, New Age and Spiritual music from around the globe.

The Philosophy of Earthtone Records At Earthtone Records, our goal is to increase awareness of our diverse, ever expanding planetary community. As borders between nations fall and the world economy grows increasingly interdependent, we feel that an insight into other cultures is crucial to understanding the changes taking place in our global family. By bringing you the music of many nations, we hope to further your understanding of the vast diversity of human culture and harmony between peoples.

We record beautiful music from around the world and bring it to you to be enjoyed for years. Our artists draw their inspiration from Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America, reaching back to musical traditions as old as civilization itself. With every Earthtone title, you get not only inspiring, exotic music, but also a taste of different cultures and their perspectives on the universe.

Earthtone offers music suitable for ecstatic dance, massage and other bodywork, and personal relaxation or meditation, as well as pure listening pleasure for any occasion; while its sister label Sonic lmages concentrates on ambient/space music and soundtracks.

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