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"Celtic Journey"

Alkaemy: Medieval ambience and Celtic styling coupled with lush orchestral soundscapes and a touch of Brit-pop sensitivity result in a unique and inspiring musical blend. The music was created by new age/Celtic group Alkaemy, which features UK-based producer/composer Julia Taylor-Stanley, vocalist Miriam Stockley (Adiemus), and Celtic singers Shelagh and Sheryle Gwynfar.

Ginkgo Garden: With its crystalline pop production, dramatic rhythms and evocative world influences, Ginkgo Garden's music strikes a deep chord with the soul, filling it with the same kind of harmony and magic that has served to inspire and heal millions of people for many, many thousands of years throughout Europe.

Ring: This ensemble weaves mysticism and sensuality, global dance grooves and etherial atmospheres, on this impressive debut. The group emerges from the super-heated global fusions of the City of Tribes coterie that includes producer Kenneth Newby from Trance Mission and harpist Barbara Imhoff from Beasts Of Paradise.

Clair Marlo: Music from her forthcoming Earthtone album, The Voice, features this beautiful track, Angel, which was inspired by the theme song from the blockbuster film, Titanic. It features a Celtic instrumental backdrop to Clair's ethereal female vocal sound and a brilliant melody. Clair's musical diversity began in childhood, growing up all over the world in places like Morocco, Senegal, Scotland and Hong Kong.

Govinda: Celtica is one of more festive songs from Govinda's debut album, O Earthly Gods, on Earthtone Records. His style mixes world-based melodies with various instruments, while Govinda himself plays the violin on stage as well as performing lead vocals. Govinda describes his own music as a combination of electronic, world and vocals.

Jayne Elleson: The reflective Slow Runs My Heart is the most addicting track from The Blessing Tree album which has many powerful and enchanting songs, all in the vocal Celtic style. Some say that Enya is the master, but Jayne Elleson has a very sensual voice that Enya just doesn't have. Her voice has been known to send shivers down a spine or two.

Celtic Dance: The Forever Green album is a brilliant Celtic stage show collection inspired by the successful Riverdance craze. It is an explosive blend of traditional and ultra-contemporary Irish dance rhythms, full of the same vibrant, foot-stomping inspiration that has made it an international phenomenon.

Christopher Franke: As an ambient pioneer, Christopher Franke has given us the delightful Celtic treat straight from his best-selling album Enchanting Nature. Celtic Mist is a departure from the norm for Franke, who is a founding member of the electronic band Tangerine Dream.

Orion: Orion is an inspiring group on the French label Keltia Musique, which releases a nice variety of Celtic music each year. The song Wailing Reel is a newly-composed track for Orion's Blue Room album. It is played very slowly so as to bring out the melodic character of the tune.

Aeone: The title of the song Anam Cara means "soul friend" in Gaelic. It is music to embody the emotion that each of us has and can be to another, an Anam Cara, an inspiration; a soul-counsellor, and a bringer of peace to the heart.

Philip Riley: Philip Riley is one of the premier artists on the New Zealand-based White Cloud Records, along with Jon Mark and Jayne Elleson along others. The track Awakening is a beautiful song with enlightenment and takes you on a Celtic Journey. It has the breathy (overlay of vocals) quality of Enya and the Celtic themes overlying soft acoustic guitar and piano with occasional whistle, pipes and drums.

Sally Oldfield: A pop follow-up to Water Bearer, some of the songs from that album form the base of a few new songs on this release. Her voice has been heard by fans around the world � some came from the camp of Mike Oldfield, her partner for many years. Mike is the composer of the famed new age hit Tubular Bells.

Richard Burmer: His work on the album Shining By The River is wonderfully meditative, peaceful music. Most of Richard Burmer's best works are exhibited in this collection. It is music for the quiet of evening or the stillness before the day starts at dawn. Richard Burmer takes keyboard playing to new heights.

Jon Mark: Jon Bark is an expatriate Brit, composing for electronic keyboards in New Zealand. The homeland is evidently calling him, as his music is often inspired by ancient Celtic monuments or Scottish megalithic ruins on the Isle of Lewis. This track was taken from his album, Celtic Story.

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