O Earthly Gods
by Govinda (World / New Age / Ambient)

This distinctive "gypsy-trance" sound is the creative brainchild of violinist, Govinda. By weaving together hypnotic, modern rhythms with ancient Indian, Celtic, Flamenco and Middle Eastern musical elements, "O Earthly Gods" creates a spellbinding experience. The combination of these elements is exciting and unique.

# Title Time Listen
1 Nomads 2:25 mp3
2 Transformation & Immortality 4:05
3 Diva Dora My Grandma 4:42
4 Truth About Humans 3:20 mp3
5 Celtica 3:52
6 Sweetly We Touched 4:38 mp3
7 Alive 3:36
8 All Is Bliss 4:57
9 My Tribe 4:51
10 Entwined 3:53 mp3
11 Blessed 4:26
12 Lullaby for Bella 8:22

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
July 14, 1998

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All pieces composed by Shane O'Madden
ecorded at Andromeda Studio.
All songs BMI C 1998 Shane O'Madden 
Violin, viola, voices, guitar, percussion, samples and programming by Shane
O'Madden except percussion on "All is Bliss" performed by Oliver Rajamani
Mastering by Jerry ubb at Terra Nova 

Voice samples on "Diva Dora..." are Shane's grandmother reflecting on her 
life two years before she passed into the spirit world. 
Woman's voice on "Entwined" and "Sweetly We Touched" by Andrea Burden. 
Angelic vocals on "Alive" by Amy Atchley 

Photo of Shane with family by Brian Berry
Art and concept: Andrea Burden
Design: Andreas Adamec
Art Direction: Doerte Lau 


"Mixing phat beats with acoustic strings...elicits two emotions at once: one floating and just out of reach,
 the other thickly visceral."
                - The Austin Chronicle 

amazon.com reviews:

It's awesome?  It is probably the best music I've heard!  The song "Alive" is my fave. Check it out! 

Unusual and deeply interesting world music. Thoroughly modern yet ancient and mystical, this CD is just  so 
unusual yet profoundly accessible. You must here it to  believe it. Most world music is limiting, almost as if it 
doesn't give itself enough room to explore the boundaries of its influences.  It is a paradox. Thus, world music 
tends to be, well, too narrow and I guess that is the point in a certain way. But O Earthly Gods  has many different 
dimensions without loosing its consistency  or focus which seems to be a kind of ecological, highly electronic 
lyricism that enfolds Celtic, Gypsy, Mid-Eastern instruments, chants,  and songs. There's even a hint of hip-hop. 
It's as if Govinda (Shane O Madden?) who is of Irish and Lebanese roots is trying to affirm both his/her past and 
future. The last word in this type of eccletic form had been Strunz and Farah, Primal Magic. But this CD from 
Govinda is simply more impressive just for the reasons that musically it takes more risks. And succeeds beautifully.

A very refreshing Album . I am not familiar with the earlier work of the artist. But surely he has put his genius to
 work with this album. The melodies are catchy, the rhythm patterns and arrangement are evil in the best of ways. 
I find the sound original, compelling, still familiar and easy to listen to. This album is pretty much what you make it, 
you can listen to it for pure enjoyment while doing other things, or you can critically listen to it and discover 
another layer of sounds every time. I find the artists sound samplings and track layering clever. I also stumbled 
upon  this Cd by chance at a cd store in DC. I think this CD needs better promotion, cause as far as I see it, it is 
the equivalent of Enigma's first CD if not better. 

I like the combination of beats and ethereal singing. This is a fresh CD that I stumbled on purely by accident.
 After listening to the clips, I found that each song was full of earthly beats and ethereal singing. I love the 
world-wide influences, especially the flutes. This is a great combination of styles! 

Great, relaxing, spiritual music. This band has obvious talent! Their music is great for a happening party or
 for relaxing after a long day. It sounds sort of indie with a bit of Irish fiddle in it too, and the vocals, though
 there are few, are really great! 

This is music that transcends you to another time and space .I am totally impressed with this artist. Every single 
song is a gem in its own right. The melodies take you up and out, whereas the beats are grounded and visceral. I 
love it!!

In every one of us is the living God.  You need only to feel His presence. Then a song will be born, a song in the
soul; it will spread its wings and will fly from heart to heart.  You hear it in the beautiful melodies of the strings.
Violin and alt sound perfectly in the deep, sensible ensembles. They contain  mysterious power, aspiration for 
freedom and flight.  And here, the heart repeats  them, opening towards them, confluenting in a joint impulse, in 
the aspiration  to the higher, eternal and divine.  Here you are dancing, feeling on the physical level harmony and 
joy of the unity with this power, personified in this  music.  You sing; your song unconsciously flowing without 
words in the  mystical sounding of the performers voices. This is O Earthly Gods  by Govinda. This is the album, 
in which East and West, ancient and modern times are mixed.  The pseudonym of composer Shane O'Madden,
Govinda  indicates his gravitation towards the Oriental  culture, melodic of which was reflected in the album in a 
large extent.  The  presence of Spanish traditions and Celtic melodies is felt in the album.  Carrying  the ethnic 
heritage, the melodies become the basis of the creation of bright compositions, penetrating into the depths of the
human soul, developing the most  subtle spheres of it.  A wonderful carpet of compositions is plaited out of the  
sounding of acoustic instruments (alt, violin, guitar) with the use of  electronic music.  Compositions with vocals 
are very mysterious and enigmatic.  The rhythmical basis of the album is close to that of the music of Eric Serra 
in The Fifth Element, which adds to the album some  fantastic aroma.  The lack of final chord is felt in the structure 
of compositions. Therefore we can not put a dot in their end, but just an omission point.  In my perception, the 
album the omission points are also present.  I know, that with every new listening to the album, new colors and 
hues will be opened to me.

And the winged song of the soul will fly from heart to heart The Song  of Govinda sounds inside me, and now it is 
rushing to you.

Lana Chudnaya
Miuzykalnaja Gazeta (Republic of Belarus)
December 6, 1999