Secret Call
by Ginkgo Garden (Rhythmic / New Age)

With its crystalline pop production, dramatic rhythms and evocative world influences, "Secret Call" strikes a deep chord with the soul, filling it with the same kind of harmony and magic that has served to inspire and heal millions of people for many, many thousands of years.

# Title Time Listen
1 Secret Call 4:91 mp3
2 Rhythm Of The Living Thing 4:83 mp3
3 Woodland Ride 4:17
4 One And Twain 4:25 mp3
5 Blossoms From India 4:11
6 Open Windows 5:11
7 Concert Of The Garden 4:40
8 Aquamarine Lake 4:06 mp3
9 Song From The Treetop 4:46
10 Ginkgo Biloba :323
11 Feast Of Secrets 3:41
12 The Maidenhair Tree 4:51
13 The Leaf 2:12 mp3

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
April 6, 1999

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All songs composed by F.W. Muller-Key  -  Performed by Eddy F. Mueller
Eddy F. Mueller : Keyboards, computer programming, vocals on Secret Call
Anja Bitzhenner: Vocals on Secret Call
Preston Terry: Voice on The Leaf
Peter Schulte: Saxophone on Feast of Secrets
Recorded and Mixed by Eddy F. Mueller at Birdy Studio, Germany 1996
Mastered by Christoph Stickel at MSM, Munich
Published by BSC Music
Photo of Eddy by Ulli Boehme
Special thanks to Anja, Peter, Preston, Ralph, Reiner, Ulli and Wolf

Earthtone thanks;
A special thank you goes out to Brian McClemens at Borders for his continued support. We would like to thank 
Thomas Ziegler for his persistence and patience, Eddy Mueller for creating such a wonderful album and 
BSC Music Germany for the opportunity. To Christopher Franke and the Earthtone Staff.

Andreas Adamec: Design
Jeff Payne: A&R Direction, Concept and Sequencing



Secret Call is a tribute to the symbolism and beauty of the ancient ginkgo tree, a living relic that has survived 
hundreds of millions of years and heroically withstands the ravages of the modern age.  Revered by many
cultures, the ginkgo tree is used for its healing properties and honored for what it represents - two made one in 
the heart-shaped, bisected leaves of the tree.  Inspired veteran performer and songwriter Eddy F. Mueller, aka
Bridy and formerly with the band Nena, has created a dynamic tribute with a romantic, Asian flavor that is rich in
clarity.  The album’s last track is a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe whose eloquent words could apply not
only to the ginkgo tree, but also to Secret Call - “a feast of secret significance for the edification of the initiate.”

Music Design
July/August 1999